Our Promise

Why choose us?

  1. Service Excellence (Timely Delivery, Follow Up)
  2. Quality Product (First 640 DPI machine in Nepal)
  3. Ease of Use (User Friendly)


To help people connect and create timeless memories, limited by no boundaries.


We want to enrich lives by making even the smallest memories matter. We also want to nurture the next generation of amateur photographers through our initiatives and rewards. Finally, we envision to adapt to technology for continuously improving our products/services over time.

Our Values (5 Pillars)

Integrity - We are very honest and sincere with our customers with a belief that our transparency will always garner trust.

Quality - When you shop with us, we ensure that you get the best possible service with the highest of qualities.

Customer Commitment - We are extremely committed in helping our customers make the right decisions based on their needs. Our doors are always open to our customers for any questions, concerns or complaints.

Personal Accountability - Our main aim is to protect the personal assets of the customers. For any mishaps or misrepresentation, we will be completely held accountable for our mistakes.

Respect Time - We do not believe in tardiness. We ensure that our services are delivered to you at least ON time, if not, before.