Terms of Service & Privacy Policy

Jhalko.com is a site operated and owned by Gurkha Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Payment Conditions

Jhalko offers you multiple payment options. You can make Cash on Delivery (COD) at the time of delivery of your order.

In terms of any order valued more than Rs. 5000, we would need an advance payment of at least 40% to made for the order to be a valid one. If you do have any confusions about this, please do call us at (+977) 9803896379

Delivery Conditions

Your order will be processed and delivered within 1-7 working days. In other conditions, because of the nature of order it might take up to 10 days. During the time of order, we will specify the approximate time and days it will take to fulfill your order. We will try our best to fulfill the promise.

Due to contingency factors such as bandhs, strikes and other mishappenings we might not be able to deliver your order on time and might take +1 days or more. In such instances, we will not be able liable for any losses or damages occured.

The standard delivery fee is 100 per delivery up until regular carriable sizes. In cases, when the sizes of photos/frames are huge, we will levy a delivery charge that is dependent on the weight and volume of the product to be delivered.

Return and Exchange Conditions

If you are not satisfied with the print quality or the frame quality we will happily exchange the photo and frames for absolutely FREE.

If you are not happy with the quality of product and would like to return we will happily take the end product back.


We ensure complete secrecy of your data and your pictures. All your data and information will be secured with us within our https protocol (SSL). Even once you sign up, the datas and images will be protected through 256 bit layer protection. In addition, we will purposely remove your pictures from our servers after the order has been fulfilled.


We will not share any of your pictures or any digital assets you own with any third party or any other entity or person. In certain cases, if we would like to share your photos or use it in any of our promotional campaigns we will ask for your permission.

We will also protect your data and in any case will not provide it to any other party or entity